Page 13: The Visit

“Hey, Joe…how’s it goin’?” 

“Joe, you remember Donny,” Christa said, hoping that Joe would at least speak up and answer with a “Good.”

“Hi Joe, it’s Sharon.  You’re lookin’ good, big brother!” 
Joe just sat there staring at both of them.  No emotion. No response.

“So, I was thinkin’ when you get out of here, I’ve got a friend of mine who needs some work done on his truck, and I told him you were the best diesel mechanic within a hundred miles of here.  Whatdaya say?”

No response from Joe.

“Well, I mean, as soon as you are feelin’ up to it, that is.  I know you probably won’t get back to work right away.”

“Joey, we really miss you,” said Sharon sympathetically.  “We can’t wait until you can come home.  Ted and Hal need you on the city basketball league…they’ve been losin’ ever since you’ve been sick…I mean, not sick, but, well you know, sad…or whatever.”  Sharon rolled her eyes from Joe to the floor, feeling embarrassed and not knowing quite what to say.

“Hey, Mom, are these some of our old pictures?” Don asked excitedly as he grabbed one of the albums and starting paging through the photos.  “Whoa, look it here.  Joe, remember when you got your first Corvette?  Dad was so mad.  He said, ‘No farm boy has any business drivin’ one of those fancy cars.  You’re just gonna get yourself into trouble…or killed!’  And then you went out and bought another one!  You sure showed him!”

“Ya, my friends were all so jealous when I went ridin’ ‘round town with you,” Sharon chimed in.  “It was sooo much fun…I bet you can’t wait until you can get home and drive your Vette again!  You do remember your Corvette, don’t you?”

Christa quickly flipped the pages of the photo album and found a picture of Joe with his first Corvette that he ever bought.  He leaned proudly against the driver’s side of the car.  Next to that picture was a photo of his personalized license plate, MOOSE.

Facts:  Joe owned and drove Corvettes and had personalized license plates, MOOSE.  At one time, he owned two Corvettes.  He played on a city basketball league.  He was a diesel mechanic.


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