What Would You Do?

I’ve been quietly sitting here every day contemplating what my next move will be in regards to my book. I told you late summer that I would be publishing it as an E-book this fall.  Fall is almost over. No book.

Lots of things to consider. First, protecting the characters–it’s been made loud and clear that certain people don’t want people figuring out who their character is in the book.  Second, the financial aspects of self publishing. Third, I began to rethink how I’ve positioned this book. Those of you who know the characters know that this is a true story. But it was hard to piece together everything accurately because it happened so many years ago, and no one has the same recollection of what exactly happened. Lots of rumors and gossip, as well as personal opinions and speculation make what really happened hard to define. Some people have passed away and others are no where to be found. 
So as such, I changed the names and places and filled in the missing information with sensationalized fiction. In addition to protecting the characters, it also protects me from any libel action. But does making it a complete work of fiction take away the importance of what really happened here? I mean, a grown man completely lost his memory due to ECT in the early 1990s at a world-renowned medical clinic. Unbelievable–does making it fiction then make it untrue because it’s so unbelievable?
I was going to put Blank Pages to rest and not publish, but I’ve continued to get hits on this blog, even though I’m not posting anymore. Every day, I have new readers who are reading each posting and continuing through the story. Every day, people say, “When is your book coming out–I can’t wait to finish the story.” 
So, blog readers…tell me, what do you think I should do? 
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