Page 9: Joe is Afraid

Joe looked out the window of his hospital room and saw a tall structure that had objects moving in circles around the outer edge.  From a distance, the objects looked fairly large.  They went around in a circle from the top of the building to the bottom of the building and then some went around in a circle from the bottom of the building to the top of the building.  Once they got to the bottom of the building, they moved in a straight line away from his sight.  When they got to the top of the building, they stopped.  Joe was afraid, because he didn’t know what they were.  As he kept staring at them, he became hypnotized by their circular motion, and his eyelids began to close.

Then Joe saw her, right in front of his eyes.  She was in the room.  Somehow he knew she was his sister, and he knew her name was Tessie.  There she was, still 3-years-old, and he saw himself, too, as a little boy again.

“Joey, let’s go play…come on, Joey!  Let’s run, run as fast as we can.”

He tried to call out her name, but he couldn’t.  He saw himself, as a child, run after Tessie.  They both were running and laughing, having so much fun.  And then he saw her fall.  He saw the blood from the gash in her forehead.  She looked at him just like she did all the other times and said, “It’s your fault, Joey! It’s your fault!”

Joe just stared at her, just like he did that fateful day.  He did nothing. 

Joe’s eyes popped open.  Where was he?  Where was Tessie?  Where did she go? He looked out the window and saw the objects going round and round.  He was afraid.  Those things were coming to get him. Tessie was getting back at him. He felt trapped. He had no control.  

In a loud voice of desperation, he yelled, “TESSIE!!!”

Facts:  Joe didn’t know what the objects were outside his window, and he was afraid of them.  Joe did often see and/or dream about the accident.

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